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          学生获奖 Information for 国际 学生们

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          Eligible criteria example

          Eligible criteria example - 100% academic achievement

          Ineligible criteria example

          Ineligible criteria example


          When you are searching for eligible awards:    

          • Select your program from the program drop down liST to bring up awards specific to your program.

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          FiND STudent awards

          Applying for Awards

          Personal Information

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          Academic Achievement - What marks should I use?

          1ST 和2ND

          • 1ST 年级学生
          ST semeSTer cumulative average. A specific award for 1ST year 国际 students will be made available for application in the December – February poSTing.
        • 2ND 年级学生 – can apply for student awards STarting in April using your cumulative average from the 1ST year of study. This applies to all secoND year STudents.
        • 经济需要

          Additional Information

          You will only need to fill out this page if additional information was required in the eligibility or selection criteria on the Award Selection page.

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