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          雇主:请查看以下信息,然后完成 当然资金目录 申请表登记作为赞助商。

          当然资金目录 请求的形式是对于赞助 灵活的学习 唯一的学生。雇主资助的全日制课程的学生,请填写 赞助确认全日制课程的学生 (PDF)。


          A 当然资金目录 is 萨斯喀彻温省理工学院’s new method of processing sponsored 灵活的学习

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          你的雇主/赞助商将需要提交 当然资金目录 request form. Once the catalogue is set up your employer/sponsor will be sent a link with the specific sections they have requested.

          Your employer can arrange to be invoiced for the cost of the course by completing this request for a 当然资金目录.

          该 preferred course PIC and start date(s) for your course are required.  Your employer will then receive an email with their course funding catalogue link and further instructions.

          You can register for the specified course(s) free of charge once you receive a course funding catalogue link from your employer.

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          Your employer can request another section with available seats to be added to the 当然资金目录.

          该re may be a delay of up to three business days before participants receive access to the online course. 


          • 电子邮件One:你会立即收到一个主题行的电子邮件:  您的学生门户网站帐户的详细资料.  该se account details are for registration only; it does not provide access to the course.
          • 电子邮件二:主旨为: 你的课程招生. This is a confirmation of enrolment and the you should read this and the associated links within it.
          • 电子邮件三:与主题行:行: 萨斯喀彻温省理工学院重要的信息 - 不回复 will follow within three business days. This email includes the username and password to mysaskpolytech to access your online course. Please read the information carefully and follow instructions.
          • Monitor the email account that you registered with and also any junk or spam folders associated with that account.
          • 新的学生(或后三至四个工作日):请联系 extension.support@saskpolytech.ca 这样我们就可以检查您的帐户。
          • 该 当然资金目录 link will only work until the registration deadline of the available course(s).
          • You may be trying to create a second account in the 学生网关 and may need to sign in using your previously assigned username and password
          • If the 当然资金目录 link is still active you may have already added the course to your account. Log in to the 学生网关 and select Enroll & Pay to complete the registration. 



          1. 看到 A-Z课程列表.
          2. 选择您想要的课程。
          3. 该 PIC is shown on the right-hand side of the course offering table and will have a similar format to EMPL-180CE-1.

          Arrow pointing to where to find the PIC

          This is the code you need to enter into the Course PIC section of the 当然资金目录 request form.

          • nginx
          • 如果额外的课程需要添加到您的目录,请提交另一种形式。
          • If you need to increase the number of participants who can register using your 当然资金目录 link, please contact sponsorship@saskpolytech.ca。 链路被初始设置为容纳50个雇员注册。
          Registration information (e.g., name and course) for students registered in an employer/sponsor funded course may be shared with the employer/sponsor for the purpose of confirming registration and payment of fees.

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